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Mature Poplar Tree Removal

Complex Tree Removal - Rigging Operations

Subcontracting works in Rotherham with the Tree Man yesterday dismantling this mature previously pollarded multi stemmed Poplar tree.

I had to dismantle multiple stems with 60ft of regrowth, unions from the previous pollard had decayed significantly. Now extensive cavities had formed which increased the likeliness of branch/stem failure through wind loading the crown. By using two pulley blocks to distribute the weight and forces generated by shock loading, the enormous crown was dismantled carefully. The two major stems were then skilfully felled within a confined garden avoiding various obstacles. We worked quickly, efficiently and I was quite surprised we managed all this work within a day. Everyone did a super job!

Oak Tree Stump in Sheffield - Damaged Wall

This morning the team had to remove a section of this mature Oak tree stump, to allow adequate room for this failed wall to be reconstructed. Trees which grow in close proximity to boundary walls and property will undoubtedly cause issues in the long run. Check you're properties for fractures within the brick work and mortar. This could be an indication of root damage caused by trees. It's also important to check house insurance policies as to wether distances apply to trees and property, which, is usually the case.

Sorbus Tree Planting Today in Sheffield

It's been a very pleasant day working in the splendid sunny weather. Some minor pruning works to a mature Silver Birch tree on Dobcroft Road in Ecclesall, Sheffield and planting this beautiful Sorbus tree in Stannington, Sheffield. The day has been a great one!

Sorbus aucuparia

Crown lifting the Birch tree.

Emergency Tree Works - Willow Tree Pruning

Connor making light work of the broken boughs throughout the mature Willow tree during today's emergency tree works in Shirebrook, Mansfield.

Tree Rigging

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