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Tree Surgery Services in Sheffield, The Peak District and South Yorkshire
Experts in all aspects of Tree Pruning, Specialists in Crown Reductions


DB Tree Care Ltd is a specialist in all aspects of tree pruning. We think trees are beautiful and when they require pruning work, the correct practice should be chosen for that particular species, it's situation and that the appropriate recommendations for that tree are followed through. It is of great importance that our pruning works meets the current British Standards, BS 3998 - recommendations for tree work 2010 5.2.2 Scheduling of pruning.

DB Tree Care is a company that has an appreciation for a trees aesthetics. Pruning and particularly crown reductions is an art, and re creating a natural and symmetrical form can take many years of practice and experience. There are also many different types of pruning, which are highlighted below. There are however times when what is best for the tree may not be what you the client has in mind. In general, trees should be pruned in late Winter to early Spring, however, some trees are prone to bleeding and therefore should be pruned during the summer months to avoid the loss of sugars through exudation. Please look through the photos, which, display the exceptional quality of our work.

The list below shows a few different types of tree pruning:

  • formative pruning
  • crown lifting
  • crown thinning
  • crown reductions
  • pollarding
  • coppicing
  • deadwood removal