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Tree Care Services in Sheffield & The Peak District

Tree Pests & Diseases

DB Tree Care belive that a good tree is worth retaining. The question is, "what is a good tree?".
Understanding the tree's situation and assessing its potential hazard towards people and property is obviously important. However, it's a trees structural integrity, and it's physiological condition, which determines the outcome and future management.
Through inspection, the health of your trees can be determined. Diseases and significant defects can be identified and control measures can be put in place. Just because a tree is diseased, it may not need to be removed.

The questions that need to be asked are:

  • Where is the tree situated?
  • Is the remaining healthy wood providing enough support to prevent failure?
  • Trees in close proximity to buildings and high target areas may have a different management plan to that of a mature tree in the middle of a field. This is why identification of the decay fungi is helpful as some diseases have the ability to extend into sapwood and heartwood. The major concern is that some decay can weaken a tree to the extent of mechanical failure.
    Whatever the situation we wish to provide you with the best advice possible, trying to retain the trees if we can.